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Supported properties

Property Description
groupId The Maven group ID
artifactId The Maven artifact ID
version The Maven version
baseVersion The base version (*-SNAPSHOT for snapshots)
classifier The classifier of the artifact (may be null)
type The artifact type (such as jar or zip)
file The full path of the artifact
url A file:// URL for the artifact
bundle.symbolicName The symbolic name if the artifact is an OSGi bundle

Obviously the file and url properties have values that depend on the local build environment. They will point to locations in the local Maven repository or the current reactor. Therefore these properties are typically not used with generate-resources.

As mentioned in the introduction, the bundle.* properties are only defined for Maven artifacts that are also OSGi bundles.

For artifacts that are part of the reactor, evaluation of the file, url and bundle.* properties will fail if the package phase has not been executed.